Connaught Hall is a fully catered intercollegiate hall of residence
of the University of London.

Warden: Dr Adrian Clark MBBS MCEM

The Hall Bar is operated by Residents' Club Committee, under the supervision of the Warden, on behalf of all residents

Connaught Hall Bar

Our lower-ground floor bar sells a wide selection of beers, spirits, ciders, wines, and soft drinks at very reasonable prices. The bar is open every evening during term 1 and selected evenings in terms 2 and 3. There is a pool table and a large-screen TV with all the free digital channels as well as Apple TV.

NEW in September 2014, you can now pay by credit or debit card in the bar, or even check-in to the Residents' Club on PayPal and pay using your smartphone!

A message from the Warden: use your bar responsibly!

We are very lucky at Connaught Hall to have our own bar, run by and for the residents. Our bar is a welcoming, friendly social space and the focus of many of our Hall celebrations and events. The social life and community atmosphere of our Hall would be much poorer without it.

The fact that our bar is managed and staffed by students for the Residents' Club Committee gives it a sense of informality, familiarity, and homeliness; these are some of our bar's best attributes. But it is still a "real" bar, with a licence, subject to the Licensing Act 2003. And it must remain commercially viable. All eight intercollegiate halls used to have a bar. In the last few years, six of them have been shut down. Of the two left, one is open only a few times a month; ours is the only proper bar left.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of our Hall bar (although my usual drink is just a Diet Coke - you don't have to be a drinker to enjoy our bar) and want to ensure it continues to be successful. To do this, I need some help from you:

1. Use the bar. Bring your friends. Drinks prices are very reasonable and it's probably the friendliest bar in London.

2. Please don't bring your own drinks into the bar.

3. Use the bar responsibly: don't get blind drunk, start fights, or go out into the garden from the bar after 11pm.

It's your bar. Look after it.

Bar management

The Residents’ Club Committee operates the bar on behalf of all residents, under the supervision of the Warden, who also holds the club premises alcohol licence. One of the Senior Members is appointed as the Bar Supervisor to assist the Warden in overseeing the bar.

The Warden appoints a Bar Manager each year, on the advice of the Residents’ Club Committee, to manage the bar staff, stock control, banking, and other day-to-day matters. The Bar Manager is a paid position. He or she attends Committee meetings to brief the Officers on events in the bar and the bar's financial position.

The current Bar Manager is Kasia Le Witt.

Bar finances

The bar is part of the Residents' Club and shares funds with the Club in one account. The bar prices, etc., are set so as to make a small profit each year, with the intention being to ensure that the bar never makes a loss (in which case residents' Club subscriptions would have to subsidise the bar, which is not appropriate). Any profit made is invested back into the Residents' Club to spend on recreational facilities and social events for the benefit of all residents.

The University of London is an exempt charity in England and Wales and a charity registered in Scotland (reg. no. SC041194)