Connaught Hall is a fully catered intercollegiate hall of residence
of the University of London.

Warden: Dr Adrian Clark MBBS MCEM

  Multicultural Students' Forum (McSF) Equality & diversity    

Multicultural Students' Forum (McSF)

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Objectives of the McSF

We are a diverse, multicultural Hall community at the centre of one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. We greatly value the contribution that international/overseas students — as well as home students from minority backgrounds — can make to our community.

We want international/overseas students to have the opportunity to experience London, Great Britain, and UK higher education: after all, why travel to study abroad if you don’t want to sample the culture and traditions of your host nation?

But we also recognise that international/overseas students can sometimes experience some culture shock and homesickness when they are so far away from home; so we want to help those students feel more at home here, offer specific guidance on settling in in the UK, and provide opportunities for us all to join in celebration of their national and cultural festivals.

The Warden established the Multicultural Students' Forum (McSF) in August 2012.

Objectives of the McSF

  1. To encourage participation in Hall community life by international, overseas, and ethnic minority students (IOEMS).

  2. To promote and facilitate the experience of British life and customs by IOEMS – if you come to London to study, you should make the most of your time here and experience British life to the full.

  3. To broaden the range of social and cultural events in Hall so that IOEMS can share their home cultures with other residents.

  4. To review and improve the way the Hall communicates with international, overseas, and ethnic minority students.

The McSF achieves these goals by submitting a report after each meeting to the Warden, Hall Manager, and President of the Residents' Club advising them on matters that ought to be addressed in the interests of our IOEMS.

Membership of the McSF includes the Warden, the Secretary and the Entertainment Officer from the Residents’ Club Committee, and any resident students who are interested in the objectives of the forum (that is, you don't have to be an international, overseas, or ethnic minority student to join: anyone with an interest in helping us meet the objectives of the McSF is welcome). A Senior Member acts as Secretary of the McSF.

The McSF works closely with the Residents' Club Committee. Any funding required for the organisation of events is drawn from the Residents' Club, with agreement from the Residents' Club Committee.

If you would like to help us work towards our goals (you can be from anywhere in the world, including the UK, and consider yourself to be of any culture, religion, or race), get in touch with the Warden at this dedicated email address:

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