Connaught Hall is a fully catered intercollegiate hall of residence
of the University of London.

Warden: Dr Adrian Clark MBBS MCEM


Social events

Welcome / freshers' events

The Warden organises a programme of events at the beginning of the year to allow residents to meet one another and the staff. These events typically include a number of "Sunday afternoon teas" in the reception lobby, on the days when most students are moving in; two special dinners with wine and/or beer, one including a welcome speech; and a party for residents on each floor hosted by the Senior Member on that floor.

The outgoing Residents' Club Committee organises a special "grand opening night" in the bar in September, and a freshers' party in early October.

Connaught Hall events - September 2012 - January 2013 A photomontage of events in terms 1 and early term 2 at Connaught Hall

Throughout the year

The Warden and Senior Members coninue to organise events throughout the year. The majority of parties and sporting events, however, are set up by the Residents' Cub Committee. You have the opportunity to elect your representaives on the Committee in October. The Warden and the Committee are always grateful for any help in making events happen, so get in touch if you can contribute some of your time or expertise.

Some comments residents made in the annual survey about our social & community events:

The Thanksgiving one really made me feel at home. I was so disappointed that I couldn't go home and that really made me feel a lot better that the holiday didn't just pass by without me. The whole hall celebrated it with me.

Every party has been unique, the Christmas dinner was amazing, the Chinese new year dinner was fantastic, thumbs up, guys!

The welcome, Christmas, and Valentine's Day celebrations were wonderful. They also made an effort to celebrate holidays with the international students as well, throwing a Thanksgiving dinner, German night, and Chinese New Year celebration.

Thanksgiving was ace and so was Christmas. Also the dressing of the Christmas tree with the wine and the mince pies and the music was lovely.

Christmas dinner and the tree decorating were wonderful. I missed my family, being away from home again this year, but things like this almost made up for it.

Good: welcome buffet, pizza night at the beginning, welcome party, Halloween night in the bar (loved the pumpkin carving!), Christmas tree decorating was lovely, Christmas dinner was amazing, loved the mulled wine and snowballs drinks at the Christmas ball.
Bad: nothing!

The Christmas dinner and subsequent Masquerade party were well planned and very enjoyable. Kudos to the Warden's team for managing to organise a nice dinner despite the budget constraints - the atmosphere was properly festive and the food and entertainment were pretty good. There was also a real sense of community with everyone getting involved in different aspects of the Christmas festivities e.g. putting up the Christmas tree and helping out with the pre-dinner preparations etc.

What is expected of the Residents' Club Committee

The Warden has published a “minimum expected” schedule of activities and events that the Residents’ Club Committee must achieve each year, and he will hold the Committee to account if they fail to do this - and so should you: after all, they are spending your money!

Throughout the academic year: meet regularly; publish minutes of every meeting; publish accounts regularly; administer newspaper & magazine subscriptions; encourage residents to form their own clubs & societies; a regular entertainment activity (pub quiz / movie night / open mic. / cheap theatre tickets / etc.); two regular sports activities (football / table tennis / running / dance lessons / rugby / self-defence / yoga / etc.).

October: a welcome party; and an event for Hallowe’en.

November: an event in the bar - a pub quiz / open mic. night, etc.; a large sports event / tournament; a trip - cinema / theatre / day trip to tourist attraction / etc.

December: a social / cultural event - cheese & wine / foods of the world / etc.; buy Christmas trees & decorations and organise a tree dressing event; live music or an outside speaker & carols for Christmas dinner; a Christmas ball / party.

January: a welcome back event; a social / cultural event - cheese & wine / foods of the world / etc.; the Club Annual General Meeting.

February: a Valentine’s event; a large sports event / tournament; a trip - cinema / theatre / day trip to tourist attraction / etc.

March: an event in the bar - a pub quiz / open mic. night, etc.; a social / cultural event - cheese & wine / foods of the world / etc.

April to June: a large sports event / tournament / sports day; a trip - cinema / theatre / day trip to tourist attraction / etc.; a summer ball.

Foundation Day

Each November, the Warden is given a number of tickets for resident students to attend the annual Foundation Day celebrations at the University of London Senate House.

Foundation Day is the annual celebration of the grant of the Royal Charter to the University of London. Held at Senate House, the evening begins with the presentation of honorary degrees to a number of eminent individuals by the Chancellor of the University of London, HRH The Princess Royal. Following the degree ceremony, there is a reception where Her Royal Highness likes to meet many of the students present.

For most residents, both home and international, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event; many can hardly wait until the official photographs are available to buy online.

If you want to come, apply for a ticket as soon as the Warden posts notices inviting applications: they get taken very quickly!

Cultural evenings

The Warden encourages the Residents' Club to organise cultural evenings. Examples in the past have included Christmas dinner, Amercian Thanksgiving dinner, a Chinese New Year festival, and Celtic night. We hope the new Multicultural Students' Forum will help inform and develop these activities to the benefit of students who would ordinarily celebrate these occasions at home, and also for residents to whom the celebration is completely new experience.

Annual Hall photo

The Warden organises a group photograph outside the front of the Hall in May every year. The annual photograph makes a nice memento of your time in Hall so try and make sure you can be here and get in the picture!

Events and societies of your own

We hope the social programme in Hall will be what you want it to be, and will support you setting up open clubs or societies in the Hall to achieve that: whether it's a wine tasting group, chess club, football team, or history society, get in touch with the Warden or with the Secretary of the Residents' Club if you want help to set it up. The Residents' Club may even be able to offer some funding for your group or event.

Photographs of past social events



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