Connaught Hall is a fully catered intercollegiate hall of residence
of the University of London.

Warden: Dr Adrian Clark MBBS MRCEM | Hall Manager: Alice Coote-Cowling

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Instructions for how to make an appointment to see the Warden, or how to get in touch in other ways

Main Hall contact details

These are the contact details for the Hall Office, where the Hall Manager and Assistant Manager deal with all day-to-day matters relating to the administration and management of Connaught Hall and College Hall.

The Hall office is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

For enquiries about accommodation fees, please contact the finance office; for enquiries about admissions, applications, room changes, swaps, or contract terminations, please contact Housing Services. Details for Housing Services and the finance office are listed below.

Housing Services

Housing Services, based at Student Central on Malet Street, deal with all admissions, room allocations, room swaps, contract cancellations, and readmission applications for all the intercollegiate halls.We regret that the office staff based at Connaught Hall are not able to deal with contract terminations or room swaps: all such enquiries must be made directly to Housing Services.

Finance Office

The Finance Office is a central office, based at Student Central on Malet Street, that deals with the administration of accommodation fees for all the intercollegiate halls.

We are unfortunately not able to take payments directly at the office in Connaught Hall.

Suggestion box

Writing to the suggestion box is an easy way to give us feedback. Emails sent to this address are automatically distributed to:

  • the Warden;
  • the Hall Manager;
  • the senior member with responsibility for facilities & social media; and
  • the catering company's suggestions address.

The Warden will forward any relevant suggestions to the President of the Residents' Club. So you can be sure that your comments will reach the right person. We aim to reply to most suggestions within three working days.

We welcome your comments, suggestions, compliments, and complaints at this email address

Social media

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for updates and announcements, and to keep in touch with other residents.

Subscribe to the Warden's blog for more detailed information and to keep up to speed with everything that's happening in Hall.
We have photos of all the Hall's facilities available on Flickr.
ConnaughtTV on YouTube is our very own Hall TV channel. Help us by making your own videos to share!

The Warden

The Warden publishes his availability in half-hour appointment slots, so it's easy to arrange a meeting.
Email the Warden.

Call or text the Warden’s mobile.

(This "direct-for-residents" phone is not turned on 24/7 so do not use for emergencies; the Senior Members can contact the Warden 24 hours, 365 days a year on a different number.)

If connaught.hall is shown as "online" on Skype then the Warden is available to discuss any issues either by IM, voice, or video chat.
You are welcome to connect with the Warden on his personal social media profiles. The Warden will always accept friend requests from residents on Facebook but will never send you a Friend request.
Email sent to this address goes to the Warden and all five Senior Members.
This is a dedicated address for reporting noise complaints. Please note this inbox is NOT monitored 24/7; our target response time is 72 hours. If someone is making noise right now and you need help to deal with it, phone reception for an immediate response. Only send an email to the noise@ address after the immediate problem has been dealt with.

The Warden’s Team —
Enhancing opportunities for personal, social, academic and cultural development through:
lfare and pastoral care; discipline and conflict resolution; community and social life; Residents’ Club and Hall bar; out-of-hours emergencies; and re-admissions.
Supporting you all the way.


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