Connaught Hall is a fully catered intercollegiate hall of residence
of the University of London.

Warden: Dr Adrian Clark MBBS MRCEM | Hall Manager: Alice Coote-Cowling


Facilities & fees

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History of Connaught Hall

We are a fully catered University of London intercollegiate hall of residence for full-time students from all the colleges and institutes of the University. Connaught Hall was established in 1919 by HRH Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn — the third son of Queen Victoria — at 18 Torrington Square as a private hall of residence for male students, a memorial to the Duchess of Connaught, who died in 1917. The Duke gave the Hall to the University of London in 1928, but it was not until 1961 that Connaught Hall moved out of Torrington Square to its present location in Tavistock Square: a converted Georgian terrace with a Grade II listed façade. Women have been admitted since 2001.

One of eight intercollegiate halls of residence, Connaught Hall now accommodates 230 students. There is an even mix of men and women and a great diversity of cultural and social backgrounds. Most residents are first-year undergraduates, with around 20% being allowed to return for a second year; approximately 10% are postgraduates, and about a third are overseas students.

Student accommodation

Most accommodation is in single study-bedrooms with shared toilet and shower facilities (about 1 shower to 6 students); there are also five twin rooms, seventeen single en suite rooms, two double en suite rooms, and a two-bedroom flat. All our rooms have a washbasin and telephone and internet connections.

Shared facilities

Amenities include a laundrette, common rooms with TV including FreeSat, computer room, quiet study room, private courtyard garden, and a bar managed and staffed by Hall residents. Conference rooms are hired out during the day, and in the summer, residential courses and conferences are held in the Hall; these activities make a direct financial contribution to improvements throughout the Hall.

Facilities management

The Hall’s facilities and services – building, maintenance, accommodation, financial. catering, conferencing, and housekeeping matters – are managed by the Hall Manager.


The Hall’s facilities and services – building, maintenance, accommodation, financial. catering, conferencing, and housekeeping matters – are managed by the Hall Manager.

Our recycling bins are on the lower ground floor, opposite the entrance to the bar. Please take the initiative to separate your waste and dispose of recyclable items appropriately in these bins. Printer cartridges, batteries, and used postage stamps can be handed in to the Hall Office for recycling.

Council-provided bins for paper and mixed recyclables can be found nearby on Tavistock Square and Taviton Street. There is a large recycling bank for newspapers & magazines, cans, bottles & glass, and clothes on Byng Place outside Student Central. A battery recycling bin is located on Bidborough Street just beyond Cartwright Gardens.

Please ensure that all recyclable goods are clean; do not put food waste in recycling bins.

Suggestions, comments, compliments & complaints

Writing to the suggestion box is an easy way to give us feedback. Emails sent to this address are automatically distributed to:

  • the Warden;
  • the Hall Manager;
  • the senior member with responsibility for facilities and social media; and
  • the Catering Manager.

The Warden will forward any relevant comments to the President of the Residents' Club if required. So you can always be sure that your comments will reach the right person. We aim to reply to most suggestions within three working days.





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