Connaught Hall is a fully catered intercollegiate hall of residence
of the University of London.

Warden: Dr Adrian Clark MBBS MRCEM | Hall Manager: Alice Coote-Cowling



The Warden

Your Warden, Adrian Clark, is a resident member of staff responsible for welfare & pastoral care, discipline & conflict resolution (including noise complaints), re-admissions, out-of-hours emergency cover, and community & social life including the Residents’ Club Committee and Hall bar.

The Warden is Clerk to the Club & Senior Treasurer of the Residents' Club, Convenor of the Facilities Committee, and a member of the Multicultural Students' Forum. He is a first-aider for the Hall and, as Fire Warden, works closely with the Hall Manager in all aspects of fire safety.

The Warden is available in Hall on a part-time basis, usually in the evenings and at weekends. The Warden can normally arrange an appointment within 72 hours of receiving a request by email, or you can attend one of his regular scheduled open office sessions without an appointment. Five Senior Members – who are experienced, usually postgraduate students – support the Warden in his duties.

The Warden and Senior Members are here to offer support and guidance with problems such as academic difficulties, health or emotional issues, social concerns, and disputes between residents. They will support you throughout the time you live in Hall and will provide and enhance opportunities in Hall for residents’ personal, social, academic and cultural development.

Students in Hall are often living away from home for the first time. The Warden and his team know that students can encounter problems with loneliness, social isolation, bullying, conflicts related to religion or sexuality, depression, eating disorders, pregnancy, illness, drug and alcohol abuse, self-harm and suicidal thoughts, as well as antisocial behaviour, noisy neighbours, theft, and damage to property. The Warden has a wealth of experience in offering frontline advice and support, and is ready to discuss these and any other issues if the need arises.

The Warden and his team endeavour to deal with any problems sensitively and confidentially and will never discriminate against anyone because of their age, race, religion, national origin, gender, disability, or sexual orientation.

Please do talk to your Warden if you want a bit of extra help and support with anything that is bothering you. No problem is too great or too small.

Use this calendar to find a time when the Warden is available to meet


A personal introduction from your Warden

I love meeting students, so please introduce yourself any time you see me around the Hall - even if you don't have anything particular to say, a smile and "good morning" are always appreciated!

I am a full-time specialist accident and emergency doctor at University College Hospital. My professional interests include:

  • resuscitation of the seriously unwell or multiply-injured patient;
  • team leadership skills in medicine;
  • how doctors think to reach a diagnosis;
  • how doctors communicate with patients;
  • teaching emergency medicine to medical students and junior doctors; and
  • supporting staff and students in stressful environments (such as the emergency department).

I grew up in Leicestershire, UK and was educated in the state sector. I graduated from Barts & The London School of Medicine & Dentistry in 2002 and became a Member of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine in 2008. I lived at Connaught Hall in 1997 as an undergraduate medical student and never left - becoming a Senior Member in 2000, deputy Warden in 2001, and Warden since 2009.

As a Warden, I am especially interested in developing novel ways of communicating with Hall residents, including using online media, and in promoting students' mental wellbeing. I am passionate about the need for continual service improvement, excellent customer relations, and a culture of equality that embraces and celebrates diversity in Hall.

I believe that by promoting and supporting the development of a cohesive, supportive, participative Hall community in which all residents feel they are equal stakeholders, the need for reactive approaches to welfare and disciplinary issues is greatly reduced: the whole community benefits from greater levels of satisfaction, lower stress, and enhanced support networks.

Outside of medicine and Hall life, my interests include photography, design, and fitness training. In between all of this, I don't have a lot of time to watch television but I usually try to make room for Doctor Who. My DVD collection includes box sets of Miss Marple, James Bond, The Prisoner, Star Wars I-VI, Indiana Jones I-IV, and Monty Python, and my favourite fiction book is Wuthering Heights.

You are very welcome to connect with me on my personal Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr profiles. I will always accept friend requests from residents on Facebook but will never send you a friend request. That leaves the choice completely yours; nobody is made to feel uncomfortable, nobody feels obliged to accept, and nobody is discriminated against by not getting a request from me. (If you're a future resident - i.e. I don't know you yet - you're still very welcome to add me, but please drop me a quick message with your add request, telling me that you're coming to Connaught, as I don't accept those completely random friend requests that we all get!) I will also never "un-friend" current residents; nor will I be offended if you "un-friend" me. I may have to tidy up my contacts from time-to-time and clear friends who left the Hall more than 12 months ago.

Please do come and talk to me about anything that is bothering you. You are welcome to join me at dinner time in the dining hall, come to an open office session, or arrange an appointment by email. And like I said, even if you don't have any particular issues you want to talk about, it's fine to just come and say hello!

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