Connaught Hall is a fully catered intercollegiate hall of residence
of the University of London.

Warden: Dr Adrian Clark MBBS MRCEM



While residing in Hall you are part of a community of other students, staff and members of the University. You are expected to act as a responsible and considerate member of that community. Within Hall you are required to observe the rules and procedures of the Hall and to comply with the terms of the Licence Agreement.

Your guide to community living

A summary of the most important Hall rules to ensure we can all live together happily and safely


Noise is the most common reason for dissatisfaction with Hall life, and for disciplinary action against residents. Follow the link below to find out more, and for information on how to get help if you are being disturbed by noise.

Formal procedures

The Licence Agreement, Hall Handbook, and Student Disciplinary Procedure explain the Hall rules and how they are enforced:

The ultimate aim of the Hall philosophy is to have residents learn to be self-directed and self-disciplined in their behaviour. Sometimes, however, individuals or groups of individuals will abuse their freedom to control their mode of living, and their behaviour will seriously threaten the learning process of the community. In these cases, disciplinary action will unfortunately be necessary. In particular, those who are unable to follow reasonable instructions given by Hall staff and Senior Members, or who are rude or aggressive towards staff, will generally be considered unfit to reside in Hall and will be required to leave.

The Warden has authority to take disciplinary action for misconduct in Hall. The emphasis is on informality, with the object of solving problems quickly, simply and fairly. It is hoped that the great majority of issues can be settled amicably at an early stage, without resort to the procedures set out in the Licence Agreement.

Where formal disciplinary action is required, the Student Disciplinary Procedure set out your rights and the procedure that will be followed.



The University of London is an exempt charity in England and Wales and a charity registered in Scotland (reg. no. SC041194)