Connaught Hall is a fully catered intercollegiate hall of residence
of the University of London.

Warden: Dr Adrian Clark MBBS MRCEM



You must go to reception to meet all your guests in person when they arrive and sign them into the guest book. No guests are allowed beyond reception until they are collected by a resident.

You may sign in a maximum of three day guests at any one time.

You are permitted to have one overnight guest at any one time.

You may have someone stay with you overnight for up to 10 nights in total per calendar month. This could be a single stay of 10 nights, or ten separate one-night stays, or anything inbetween, up to a maximum of ten nights in the month. When your overnight guest arrives, tell the security officer that you want the guest to stay overnight. Provided you have not already had 10 overnight stays that month, security will issue your guest with an overnight guest pass.

If you are staying in a twin room, please seek permission from your roommate before inviting an overnight guest.

If you want to host more than three day guests at the same time, more than one overnight guest on the same night, or have more than 10 nights in one calendar month when a guest stays with you, you must make a request to the Warden. You must send your request to the Warden by email at least 48 hours in advance, and ideally 7 days before your guest is due to arrive. Your request should include a reason why the Warden ought to make a special exception for your case.

The Warden will not necessarily agree to all requests for extra guests. Never promise others they can visit you outside the rules above before securing written agreement from the Warden.

Meals for guests

You can buy meal tickets from reception so your guests can eat in the dining hall. The cost will be added to your account.

The (really important) small print

Please remember that you, as the host resident, are personally responsible for the behaviour of your guests while they are in the Hall. You should not leave your guests unaccompanied while they are staying with you, and it is forbidden to allow a guest to stay in the Hall while you are out, on holiday, returned home, or departed at the end of the year: when you go out, your guest(s) must go with you. It is not permitted for guests to sleep in public areas of the Hall.

Never lend your Hall key or ID card to anyone - this specifically includes your guests.

Never admit anyone to the Hall unless you know them; do not let strangers follow you in. Ask security to help challenge anyone who is following you.

Always follow the procedure for signing in your guests, and make sure they sign out. Do not sign anyone in on behalf of someone else: the guest then becomes your personal responsibility – ask yourself if you can really trust them that much.

Hall staff have the right to refuse admission to any non-resident, or to require them to leave the premises at any time. The police will be called to help remove guests who refuse to leave.

The Hall Handbook contains full details of guest policies and regulations:



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