Connaught Hall is a fully catered intercollegiate hall of residence
of the University of London.

Warden: Dr Adrian Clark MBBS MRCEM


Pastoral care in Hall

Students typically experience university as a time of significant transition and adjustment. University is also often a time of exploration and change with respect to personal, sexual or cultural identity. These changes can be positive, fun, exciting, and rewarding; but we recognise that this time can also be stressful: we know that students face academic, social, financial, work, family, and institutional pressures.

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The Warden and Senior Members are here to help. The Warden has a great wealth of experience of listening to students’ concerns and worries, and helping them find the right resources to start solving the problems.

No problem is too small or too large, we won’t be shocked or embarrassed about anything you tell us, and we always will do our best to listen to your concerns and – if you ask us to – try to help or  point you in the right direction to someone else who can help. The Warden regularly helps students with issues such as loneliness and homesickness; relationship problems; exam stress and academic difficulties; bereavement; conflicts arising from religion, sexuality, and the establishment of a new identity away from home; "coming out"; culture shock; depression, eating disorder, and substance misuse; neighbour and room-mate conflicts; medical concerns; and pregnancy, to name but a few.

So please do talk to a member of the team if you want a bit of extra help and support with anything that is bothering you.

Contacting us

For any other matters, you can simply ask the Warden or a Senior Member for a chat any time you see us around the Hall. We all enjoy meeting residents so we'll be glad to speak with you at dinner or over a cup of tea any time.

The Warden holds regular open office sessions, when you can drop in to see him in his office without an appointment. These sessions are publicised on posters around the Hall, on Facebook and Twitter, and on this web site:

You can also email the Warden to ask for an appointment, or even expalin everything by email if it's a simple matter that might be solved by correspondence alone:

The Warden is on Skype as connaught.hall. If he's shown as online, he is available and happy to discuss any problems by IM or voice or video chat.

You can email the Warden and all five Senior Members simultaneously here:


The Warden and his team endeavour to deal with any problems sensitively and confidentially and will never discriminate against anyone because of their age, race, religion, national origin, gender, disability, or sexual orientation. Conversations with the Warden and Senior Members are confidential. We believe that the integrity and effectiveness of the whole team depends on rigorously upholding our duty of confidentiality. However, for your safety, there are some circumstances when we may have to make a judgement about whether, acting in your best interests, we need to tell someone else about a conversation we have had with you.




The University of London is an exempt charity in England and Wales and a charity registered in Scotland (reg. no. SC041194)